About the Art

Heritage Sports Art sells original watercolor paintings of sports uniforms from the NFL, MLB, NHL, CFL and US college football. Each piece is beautifully framed - most come with an engraved plaque telling the story of the art as well as a colorful uniform evolution poster that shows how the original art was used. The story of the actual artwork is unique - each original piece of art was used in the creation of uniform evolution posters and many other products (see the images below for some of those other products), thus making each piece of art that we sell "famous" in that it has been used thousands, and in many cases tens of thousands, of times on products that have been sold across North America. So not only are you buying a beautiful original piece of sports art, you are buying a piece of "famous" art with a great story.

Heritage Sports Art is owned by Scott Sillcox and if you have any questions, please call Scott at 416-315-4736 or email him at scott@heritagesportsart.com .

The more than 1500 original watercolor paintings of historical pro sports uniforms that are available for sale here at Heritage Sports Art were painstakingly painted by a team of highly regarded and experienced artists – Tino Paolini, Nola McConnan, and William Band. Additionally, McConnan created more than 300 aerial view images of ballparks, stadia, and arenas, hand-drawn in pen and ink. The research that went into the creation of these original pieces of art was immense – it was a labor of love that took Sillcox a decade to amass.

Maple Leaf Productions products made using uniform images  Products made over the years that use the uniform images

About Heritage Sports Art

Heritage Sports Art was founded by Scott Sillcox in 2010 with the purpose of selling a massive collection of original art – well over 2000 pieces in all.

Through his former company Maple Leaf Productions, Sillcox was licensed by the NFL, MLB, NHL, CFL and the NCAA to produce a variety of products that celebrated the history and evolution of team uniforms, and the arenas and stadia where they play.

A select handful of artists worked closely with Maple Leaf Productions for 12 years and they subsequently created one of the largest collections of original sports-themed artworks in the world. It is these unique, original pieces of art that are being sold by Heritage Sports Art.

The artwork was used to help create a broad range of merchandise sold across North America - some of these products are shown above and include posters, clocks, playing cards, fridge magnets, mouse pads, postcards, coffee mugs, and more. Each of these products was created using these uniform images, the original of which are being offered for sale by Heritage Sports Art. And please keep in mind that we are selling original, one-of-a-kind artwork, not reproductions.

Have questions about Heritage Sports Art or our incomparable sports-themed art collection? Please contact us.